Algonquin Park, Part I

The day was finally here; the day we ‘escaped’ the hostel! We enjoyed our time there, had a lot of fun and met some awesome people but we didn’t come to Canada for the city-life. We got up at the crack of dawn and began the exhausting process of carrying our bags down to the car before hopping on the highway and heading north; destination – Algonquin Provincial Park!

The drive up the 400 wasn’t particularly interesting aside from a nice little town called Barrie that piqued our curiosity – but more on that later! Once we hit the Muskoka’s was when we truly began to appreciate the outstanding beauty of Ontario. Giant rock formations loomed over us on both sides of the highway and long winding rivers followed us as we worked our way up to Algonquin.

Driving up Highway 60

We started to get a bit bored of the limited music we had on our phones but managed to find a station called MooseFM which was blasting classic rock anthems the whole journey! The last proper stop before the campground was Huntsville, so we stocked up on food for the next week and went for the last stretch. Somehow the views got even better as we started driving up Highway 60 – it was hard to keep our eyes on the road!

Sadly we didn’t manage to spot any moose on the way to Algonquin, but there was plenty of wildlife at the campground! When we arrived we had the nice surprise of finding out that we got to choose our own site instead of being assigned one. Plus, all the sites had firepits! We picked a site and set up camp – turns out we’re pretty good at setting up the tent!

Setting up camp - not too shabby!

Before making dinner and spending the rest of the night chilling by the fire, we decided to take a walk down to the lake to see where we would be paddling in a canoe sometime over the next few days!

Algonquin Provincial Park - Canisbay Lake

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