Three Days of Freedom – Part One

The search for a vehicle was becoming disappointment after disappointment so when we felt that we had
reached our limit, we rented a car.

Silver Creek Conservation Area


On the first day we headed straight to Niagara Falls and, after a few delays (Canada’s roadsigns are ridiculously difficult to understand) we arrived!

Something worth mentioning about the Canadian side of Niagara Falls… it is rather bizarre. Imagine a
mish-mash of wanna-be Vegas casinos, haunted houses and shop after shop filled with touristy toot. As you get closer to the falls, it begins to feel less like a fairground and we got an excellent chance to see the sheer scale.

Niagara Falls
Looking out over Niagara Falls

The Hornblower – Canada’s equivalent of the Maid of the Mist – was a great experience. The boat took us right up to the falls, into the horseshoe – sometimes you couldn’t see the shore at all through the mist! Needless to say, we got absolutely drenched, even with the cagouls that we were given to wear!

Niagara Falls - Onboard the Hornblower

We had enjoyed the falls from the Canadian side and it was time to pop over the border to get a
different view from the States side – something that we definitely recommend doing if you visit. It was much less busy and felt a lot less built-up; you can also walk alongside the falls and up the river.

Niagara Falls

While walking along we saw what turned out to be a gopher muskrat, although it’s taken about 6 months for us to work out what it was!

Niagara Falls - Looking back at Canada

It was a great first trip out of the city and a must-see for anyone visiting the area. Since we’ll still be within a few hours drive of Niagara in the winter we’re hoping to get a chance to see it when parts of the falls freeze!

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