Awenda Provincial Park

After running some errands around town, it was time to say our goodbyes and hit the road. When we first passed through Barrie in the summer we had no idea we’d end up there; let alone for more than a couple of months!

Time to leave Barrie!

We were excited for our first “proper” night in the van (we’d stayed in it for our last week of converting), so decided to keep it local. Just over an hour north of Barrie is the beautiful Awenda Provincial Park, set right on Georgian Bay. The sun was out and the weather couldn’t have been better for us!

Georgian Bay at Awenda

The next few days at Awenda were spent getting all of our stuff organised and having a well-deserved rest! We’d spent the last month working 12-hour days to get the van converted and it had wiped us out completely!

Dan van

We also made sure to get out on a couple of trails and see some more of Lake Huron.

Georgian Bay at Awenda

Once it got dark at the camp, we used the electrical hookup to play some Mario Kart on the side of the van. For some reason, we got worse at playing as the night went on, but we’ll chalk that up to tiredness!

Games on the van!

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