Into The West

It was a year to the day that we landed in Canada and we were finally ready to start the trip we came here for! We jumped in the van and started our journey west with our sights set on Calgary.

The drive to Calgary should take us around five or six days depending when we choose to stop. To give this some perspective; it’s about the same distance as driving from Inverness in Scotland to Gibraltar at the bottom of Spain!

Our tiny home!

We followed the 400 north through the stormy Muskoka’s and veered off slightly toward Sudbury – the most northerly we had been so far in Ontario! We visited a few filming spots from our favourite Canadian TV show, Letterkenny (to be fairrr, it’s the only Canadian TV show we really watch).

Finally leaving Barrie!
What's good for the goose is good for the gander

In the evening we pulled into a Walmart to get our heads down for the night and by morning it was like a mini RV park with at least twenty campervans and trailers around us. Loads of Walmart’s are happy to let travellers park overnight if you check with the manager first, but this was the most we’d ever seen in one place!

Some Walmarts become mini RV communities overnight

The next day was a longer one. We were headed for Terrace Bay, via Lake Superior Provincial Park. These were the most beautiful roads we’ve ever driven with rocky outcrops, waterfalls and lake after lake (after lake)!

An amazing waterfall just beside the Trans-Canada highway
Wouldn't see roads like this in the UK, would you?

We loved Algonquin and this place was like Algonquin on steroids! The most amazing thing was that it just never ended! We were driving for two days through this amazing scenery.

The scenery just keeps giving and giving!
It's a beautiful drive to Thunder Bay!

We stopped for a few hours at (a very misty) Lake Superior Provincial Park for a small hike and a paddle in our fourth (very cold) Great Lake, before carrying on to Terrace Bay to stop for the night. Part of the fun of being able to pull in somewhere late and sleep in your vehicle is that you never quite know where you’ll wake up! In this case, it was down by the beach right next to a small waterfall!

Not a bad spot to camp at!
Misty Lake Superior could be in a horror film!
Misty Lake Superior

The following day was more incredible scenery, a stop in Thunder Bay for supplies, and an amazing overnight stop! Just off the highway was a little dirt track that led to a perfect spot right beside Dogtooth Lake – easily our most scenic spot so far! The water was still a little bit too cold to have a proper swim, but we can’t be far off!

Our overnight spot at Dogtooth Lake

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