Back to the Border

Not far from York is a town called Intercourse which has a large Armish population. This was an interesting place to visit and we found ourselves frequently slowing down to drive behind horse and carts. On the way through, we stopped in at the farmers market and had the most delicious pretzels we have ever eaten in our lives!

The most delicious pretzels!

Next stop, Ricketts Glen State Park to walk part of the Falls Trail – 3.2 miles and about 20 waterfalls! Despite our best efforts, the traffic wasn’t on our side and we arrived just half an hour before sunset. We walked a little way onto the trail and were amazed by the vast amounts of water coming down the falls – far more than in the summer months!

Ricketts Glen

The path can be a bit dicey at times as it’s so steep, but add running water, wet leaves and slightly dodgy ankles and it was probably for the best that we didn’t do the whole hike. We got back to the car before sunset, glad to have seen some of the falls – and the journey there was some of the most beautiful driving of our trip!

Steep steps at Ricketts Glen

We were still in Pennsylvania and wanted to cross the border the following day, so decided that tonight was the time to push on until we were too tired to drive anymore and were ready to cross the next morning.

Ricketts Glen

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