The Final Stretch

Because we live on an island, we’ve gotten so used to flying to get anywhere and we’re still amazed by how quick and easy land crossings are. We headed back to what is quickly becoming the most significant place in Canada for us – our hostel in Toronto. When the clouds are very low in Toronto, they completely hide the CN Tower which makes for a strange skyline – here’s a photo from the summer and one of the almost constant view when we were here in November.

Our view of Toronto

Low cloud hiding the CN Tower

We also went back to our favourite bar where we were quickly recognised – good old Meltdown! (We now have a rule that any time staying in Toronto has to correspond with trivia night there!).

Snowy roads

We had an easy few days and saw some pals who had ‘lived’ at the hostel with us in the summer and a day or two later, finally headed back up to Barrie where we were greeted by the snow!

Snow in early November

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