Silver Linings

On Saturday, after the rather painful process of getting our Airbnb refund, we went to eat away our troubles at a dive bar called El Furniture Warehouse, where every meal is $6 – their Chorizo Hash was delicious! Back at the hostel, we booked another week (this time in dorms) and headed up to the roof for the weekly BBQ – where we met a bunch of awesome people from Germany, Belgium and America. We all ventured out to The Lockhart, which is a Harry Potter themed pub down on Dundas, and had an awesome evening! We heard lots of great travel stories and received loads of tips from a pair who had just finished a road trip all the way from Los Angeles to Toronto!

The Lockhart
The Lockhart

On Sunday we decided to go back to Moo Frites, this time to try the legendary Canadian delicacy – Poutine. It was… fine… We daren’t say much more out of fear of our visa’s being cancelled but maybe we’d enjoy it if we were incredibly drunk or hungover. The rest of the day was spent trawling through internet listings for potential vans up on the roof, where we stayed until movie night. Possibly one of the most bizarre films we’ve ever seen; “Wild Tales” – a Spanish film consisting of a number of short stories about revenge murders. Despite how strange it was, it was very entertaining and we would sort of recommend it if you don’t mind a bit of gore.

Trying poutine
Planet Traveler

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