The Best Laid Plans

We got up nice and early to get to our next Airbnb where we could finally start settling into Toronto and start looking for work. When we arrived it was all a bit of a disaster – picture mouldy food, broken doors and literal shit on toilet seats.
Fast forward a number of hours, a fair few panicked phone calls and a lot of help from family (special thanks to Steve!) we had abandoned the Airbnb and found ourselves in a hostel less than five minutes from where we’d been staying the first week! We felt pretty disheartened that our plans had fallen through – we were supposed to be at this place for a month – but the staff at the hostel were so encouraging and keen to advise us on what we could do. In hindsight this was a blessing in disguise!

Our view of Toronto
Our view of Toronto

While at the hostel we had a great time and met so many people doing all sorts of interesting things – some just traveling, some moving permanently to Canada, some who live in nearby cities and a lot of people in the exact same boat as us!
That evening we went back to our favourite bar for the cartoon trivia night – this would become our favourite weekly event! On the way we finally stopped in at an unassuming fried chicken shop where we had previously seen queues of people out the door. We soon found out why! A note if you ever go to P.G Clucks – the burgers are huge! We hadn’t eaten all day, shared one burger between us and still couldn’t finish it!

P.G Clucks burger

The day didn’t turn out how we expected it would, but that was probably for the best.

Beers at Meltdown on College St

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